The real story behind CRONUS aka CRONUSMAX

The Cronus Device initially was introduced to the masses at the E3 Convention in 2012. WATCH THE VIDEO FROM E3
The speaker in the video is Alex Golubev, an entrepreneur who financed the entire project while working in the game controller modification industry.

A provisional patent application was filed on June 4th, 2012
Provision Patent Application # 65/655,041

A patent application was filed on: June 4, 2013
Patent Application # 13/909,179

Trademark Application – September 6th, 2012
Current Status: Notice of Allowance – Pending Registration

The patent application was filed under Techart LLC where Jefferson Paulo Koppe the inventor and Mr. Golubev had entered into a legally binding business agreement complete with a non compete clause.
Florida State Company Verification Link

A little history of Techart (The REAL Cronus Device)

Mr. Golubev had invested over $500,000 to introduce the Cronus Device to the public by end of 2012. The inventor “Jefferson Paulo Koppe” decided one day to go back to Brazil since he was a foreign national, without making anymore contact with Alex Golubev who had the responsibility to provide support and firmware updates to the customers. It was not possible since, Mr.Koppe had stolen the source code to the Cronus Device from Techart before disappearing. This was the main reason why customers were left hanging, with no support and new releases of firmware. Later in 2013, after recruiting a new development team, the Cronus Device was reintroduced to the market as CronusMax (the new development team are now called ControllerMAX) with development and production moving forward with new facilities, a new distribution network and a community of over 116,000 members. This is the real future of this device.

Jefferson Paulo Koppe, had lied to Mr. Golubev while cheating him out of financial support initially provided, and started working behind the scenes with another partner to air the Titan One Device. This is manufactured by the same supplier out of China, and had the same hardware beneath the plastic. Jefferson Paulo Koppe no longer has any rights to the patent and trademark since he forfeited his position with the company.

Titan One is infringing on Techart LLC Trademark, Patents, and Copyrights. We are in the process of taking legal action against all of those responsible for such a heist. The following will happen:

**Sales & Support for Titan One will be halted for an indefinite period of time!**
**Any and all retailers will be issued with a cease & decist against their ISP, Payment providers and any other retail partners such as Amazon or eBay**

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